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Why you should manage “bounce-back” & “reply-to” emails”

By 27th October 2022October 28th, 2022Blog
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Why you should manage “bounce-back” & “reply-to” emails

Return emails from EQSpromail to the sending users represent only a small proportion of total email sent; 4%. These return emails are of two types, the first are “reply-to” emails which make up approximately 88% and the second are “bounce back” emails which account for the remaining 12%. An email address provided by your company will be used by EQSpromail to forward any “reply-to” or “bounce-back” emails. This address need not be an individual user but does require daily monitoring.

The “reply-to” emails

Most forwarded emails from are being created by your customer/depot/haulier using the “reply-to” button or YOUR-ID@EQSPROMAIL.COM saved in their list of contacts. It is important that these emails are read daily and responded to where necessary.
To explain further, emails sent from EQSPRO are sent using a sender address of “”. We try to make clear in the emails sent from EQSPRO to whom replies should be addressed. The correct reply addresses are included in the attached document or in the text of the email. However, in some cases this doesn’t work and the “reply-to” option is taken by whoever answers the email. In turn, there is a possibility that when forwarded the email will fall into a black hole if not read and directed to the correct EQSPRO user. It would be an excellent idea to tell your customers or depots etc. how they should reply to your emails. This would guarantee a faster response and improve customer service.

The “bounce-back” emails

Approximately 0.5% of emails will “bounce-back” to the sender for a variety of reasons. The EQS emails are formatted with an address of system ID and our domain and email replies will be forwarded to the designated system user. These replies need to be scanned daily by the user and dealt with as necessary.

1) Most problems are with the email address

<Your customers email address>: Host or domain name not found.
<Your customers email address>: 550 Unknown user
<Your customers email address>: Email account does not exist
<Your customers email address>: No such user
<Your customers email address>: Recipient does not exist here
<Your customers email address>: Not our customer
<Your customers email address>: Email address couldn’t be found.
Action Required: Unknown To address: <Your customers email address>:
Although the first error can suggest that the recipients domain has been
misconfigured all of these messages generally mean that some error has been made
by the sender in the email address saved to the EQSPRO contact record. Examine the
address carefully and correct if a mistake has been made. Fixing these addresses is
important, if not fixed then every subsequent email to this address will be bounced.

2) Recipients mailbox is full

<Your customers email address>: Mailbox is full
<Your customers email address>: Over quota

3) Blacklisted?

<Your customers email address>: Blocked using zen.spamhaus.
<Your customers email address>: permanent failure

Though Speed-IT check 90+ blacklist servers every day we can still find the occasional email being blocked by a blacklisting service. Your recipients are fighting a daily battle to prevent spam mail being received by their users and in doing this there will be inevitable casualties such as your email! The best solution for you is to contact your customer and ask them to allow receipt of emails from EQSPROMAIL.COM. As this may take some time, in the interim it is best to print and email the documents manually, ensuring your customer receives your invoice.

4) Recipient address rejected

<Your customers email address>: Relay not permitted
<Your customers email address>: Recipient address rejected; access denied.

You are getting a non-delivery report (NDR) after sending a message to a specific e- mail address. It is probable that the mail server that’s generating the error doesn’t accept mail for the recipient’s domain. This error is generally caused by mail server or DNS misconfiguration.  To put it simply, the issue is at the recipient end. Since there’s an NDR after sending a message to those email addresses, the recipients or their email servers have blocked you from sending to them. Ultimately to resolve this you need to get in touch with the recipients or their respective I.T. admins and inform them you’ve been blocked or blacklisted and they need to allow emails from EQSPROMAIL.COM to receive emails, invoices and statements from you.


In conclusion, about 0.5% of the emails you send will generate an unexpected response in the form of a bounce-back or a reply-to email. These will be forwarded to an email address
in your normal company domain e.g It is best practice to ensure that “Harry” checks his emails every day and decides how the forwarded emails from EQSPROMAIL should be handled. If you have any questions or require further information, please address your query to