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EQSPRO Container Software for the future

EQSPRO facilitates important daily tasks necessary for the successful operation of a container sales and rental business. The software also handles container rental, depreciation, receivables, payments, repairs, depot moves and depot management.

This blog covers container sale and rental equipment related issues, how they may be managed using EQSPRO software and general intermodal topics.

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27th October 2022 in Blog

Why you should manage “bounce-back” & “reply-to” emails”

Why you should manage “bounce-back” & “reply-to” emails Return emails from EQSpromail to the sending users represent only a small proportion of total email sent; 4%. These return emails are…
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24th June 2022 in Blog

SOLAS – Container Weight Verification

SOLAS – Container Weight Verification of rental containers Since July 1st 2016 it has been a legal requirement for shippers to provide verification of weight for all packed containers. Since…
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7th February 2022 in Blog

Security considerations

Here at Speed-IT the security of your data is a primary concern. We are constantly reviewing our procedures, security on our servers etc. The EQSPRO user community can improve security by…
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