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We have been using EQSPRO since March 2018, it has transformed and streamlined our sales operation. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and pieces of paper around the office, instead we have a proper and professional looking sales and stock system that keeps track of everything from customer records to every aspect of stock control.
The team at Speed-IT are very responsive and queries are dealt with in a very efficient manner. For anyone looking to take the headache out of customer order management I would definitely recommend EQSPRO.

Rushfleet Inc Donal Foley - DirectorEQSPRO User since 2018

We have been an EQSPRO user since 2003 soon after our company was established. We have used EQSPRO operationally to help grow our business in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Australasia and Africa. EQSPRO solved our initial problems by providing accurate tracking of inventory and provides us with an efficient tool which manages container sales and releases. Our remote offices in other global locations are linked and enjoy real time information through EQSPRO . We recommend EQSPRO to other container trading companies and have done so many times!

Blue Sky Leasing Geoff Mornard – Managing DirectorEQSPRO User since 2003

Prior to using EQSPRO our biggest headache was tracking container rentals so we were looking for software which would control inventory and per diem rentals. After demonstrations and discussions with Speed-IT Ltd. I had no hesitation in choosing EQSPRO. We have now used the program for 4 years and love the reporting and integration with Quick Books. The support from the Speed-IT team has been second to none.
We are happy to recommend EQSPRO; for anyone in the intermodal industry this is the best operational software that has full control of your inventory and financials and is excellent value.

BlueLine Equipment Carlos Mendez – PresidentEQSPRO User since 2012

I chose EQSPRO to replace a previous Excel and Filemaker based solution. Our volumes had increased and inventory control became really tough. My biggest fear was going from something custom made for me to something that would tell me how things should be done and change my habits!
I had to change some habits, but with EQSPRO we can do both sales and rental management. It’s a real “all round” system that is affordable for a smaller company and like the web based systems I don’t have to worry about making backups as it’s all done for me.
I like that we were able tie EQSPRO in with our Quickbooks Online accounting software (QBO). We have a real equipment program and a real accounting program. Not an equipment program that tries to do accounting or an accounting program that pretends to know fleet management.
Lastly, one of the best things going for EQSPRO is the team behind it. Frances, Bert and Tom offer incredible support and service.

CSI Container Services International Stephan Howard – PresidentEQSPRO User since 2016

I first worked with Speed-IT Ltd when they implemented their container software for Genstar Instant Space a GE Capital company. A year after starting my own business in 1994 I asked Speed-IT provide a program replacing the spread sheets and word documents I had been using. The core problem I faced at that time was asset control, EQSPRO has proved more than equal to the task.
Why do I like EQSPRO? I travel and EQSPRO is usable on the move, 24 hours a day. It provides all of my operational needs in one easy, accessible program. Speed-IT’s support team is focused on helping customers and having a company that has built up solid skills and experience in our market place and actually has staff that have worked operationally in our industry means they understand our needs. The original win-win situation!

Container Brokerage Inc Conrad Clark – OwnerEQSPRO User – 25+ years

We have been using EQSPRO for about 18 months having previously operated another container software programme. We needed something with better support and more capability. After seeing EQSPRO and talking to Speed-It we decided to make the move. The only reservation was that the software provided more features than we were used too; on the other hand, we looked forward to the customer invoicing and excel generated reporting. *
Our main requirements were good support, stock reporting, local and base currencies for transactions, a range of possibilities when setting up rental invoicing, interface to Sage Accounts for customer and supplier invoices and the ability to work from home or a remote office. EQSPRO was able to satisfy us on all these points.
We would definitely recommend EQSPRO, great software with a good online support desk and really friendly and helpful support staff.
*Paper and screen reports are also available

Continental Limited Val Acar – Operations ManagerNicola Howells – Accounts Assistant.EQSPRO Users since 2015

We had previously used excel sheets to control inventory and sales but this was not structured or organised approach like EQSPRO. I wanted better reporting and the possibility of a system where other users within the company could view and use the data simultaneously. EQSPRO has given us this and quick accurate stock reports from all our depots, simple invoicing and full control of container costs.
I definitely recommend EQSPRO to other container sales and rental companies. There is nothing more to add; Speed-IT is doing a great job!

ELBtainer Trading Andreas Atrott – Managing DirectorEQSPRO User since 2015

Equipment sales and rentals were previously tracked using an in house system which we needed to replace in order to improve the operational aspects of our business and deliver the required financial data to our accounting systems.
After demonstrations and meetings with Speed-IT we were very convinced that EQSPRO would cover our business; it is a very structured program. In addition, Speed-IT deliver a good service level.
For other companies in the intermodal container industry, or other types of equipment we would recommend EQSPRO and think it is worth anyone at least taking a look…

MAXX Intermodal Systems Brigitte Clerinx – IT Division ManagerEQSPRO User since 2014

Originally I used Excel to track container inventory and sales but needed a better overview and a program which could gather together the various pieces of data into a single “all in one” program – EQSPRO.
I have used EQSPRO for nearly 20 years and am very happy with the program, making good use of its many features. The support available is excellent, user friendly and with quick software updates possible when necessary.

MS Containers Michel Schuuring – DirectorEQSPRO User 20+ years