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EQSPRO – For Rental

The container rental module of EQSPRO puts the asset owner in control of their equipment rental business; comprising an asset register, customer management functionality, master contract maintenance, three transactions – on-hires, off-hires and repositioning together provide flexible billing, a sales ledger and a powerful suite of reports.

At the centre of container rental is the asset register. All rental equipment must be added to the asset register before being put on hire. Equipment can be either purchased or subleased with either type of detail being recorded. Both capital costs (purchase, refurbishment) and non-capital costs (sublease rental, storage, handling etc) may be recorded. A depreciation calculation may be provided plus an analysis of profitability for each unit.

The booking transaction is used to on-hire equipment to a customer. Several bookings could be used to fulfill one customer order. Rental rates and charges may be supplied from a master contract or can be input at the time that the booking is created.

Each booking makes use of negotiated term fees; covering free days, rental-rates, on-hire or delivery charges, drop off locations, charges and penalties, and specific contract stipulations. Price changes can be set up in advance. A booking acknowledgement can be emailed to the customer; releases may be generated and emailed to the depot, transport company and customer.

Off-hire documentation can be generated in EQSPRO and emailed to the depot, transport company and customer. It is similar to the booking, allowing additional charges to be applied for transport, handling etc. Both on-hires and off-hires allow flexible user defined charges to be applied to the transaction. Any wear & tear or damage can be noted during the off-hire process, the cost of repairs recorded, and subsequent charges invoiced on the final rental bill or separately invoiced as determined by the asset owner.

Container rental billing is flexible and easy to use. Features include:-

  • Billing in advance or arrears
  • 26 definable billing groups
  • Bill free days, rental days
  • Include minimum bill amounts
  • Apply handling & other charges
  • Trial billing option available
  • Export files for accounts software
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EQSPRO popular rental features

Rental contracts

‘Lease purchase’ or ‘Rent to buy’ contracts

TRIAL and LIVE billing


Full or partial credits

Purchase orders & consignments

Tailored accounting interfaces

CLOUD version available

Rental bookings

One way cabotage for Container Repositioning

Billing run reprint

Manage 3rd party fleets

Minimum billing period

Supplier accruals & invoices

Record all unit costs

Scaleable software

Rental off hires

Off site storage (With or without delivery)

Advanced & arrears billing

Tier pricing

Free days

EDI capability


Step by step user guides

Total loss calculation

On site static storage

Daily, weekly or monthly fixed rates

Additional services

Re-number containers

English, German & Dutch documentation

Web-based ticketed help desk

24/7 availability

EQSPRO for your intermodal business!
To get started with EQSPRO contact us by phone or email. We will arrange a conference call, an online demonstration and continue with a discussion of any unique requirements.