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EQSPRO for your intermodal business!

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Container Software for the future

EQSPRO is software delivered as a service (SaaS) and is a fully scalable solution, used by large and small container companies worldwide. It accommodates an unlimited number of foreign currencies making it cost effective for businesses of all sizes; from sole traders to multinational companies with offices around the globe. All data is hosted and updated in ‘real time’ enabling users to work from different offices with the same fleet. Speed-IT does not ‘sell the system’ burdening our customers with large upfront costs. Instead we charge only for ‘use of the system’, this monthly fee also includes ticketed helpdesk support.

EQSPRO container software caters for owned, managed (agency) or a mix of ownership type of intermodal fleets. With a series of well designed screen based transactions, EQSPRO controls and facilitates every step of the sale and rental process, delivering a smooth reliable system in the fast paced inter-modal marketplace. Requiring internet access, it offers the user 24/7 system availability with an almost paperless office at an affordable cost.

EQSPRO has a full compliment of equipment transactions, following the complete container life cycle from initial purchase or on-hire, multiple leasings and trips to repair shop as needed, depot storage and finally sale, disposal or off-hire. It may be run using as many or as few features as desired without affecting stock control. EQSPRO is used daily to successfully track all types of inter-modal fleet equipment; dry containers, refrigerated containers, generator sets, chassis, tanks, IBC’s etc around the globe.

At its core EQSPRO combines customer and inventory management, parameter maintenance, rental and depot contracts. Key transactions include container sales, container rental, depot management, purchase orders, supplier invoices, leads management, invoicing, credits, depot moves and receivables. All screens, reports and drill-down searches are presented in a uniform manner, enabling new users to intuitively understand the system layout and utilise the transaction screens. Accounts interfaces have been set up for various accounting packages. EDI feeds for both incoming and outgoing stock can be arranged with depot(s).

EQSPRO Inventory Purchases and Tracking

Fleet acquisitions may be entered individually or pasted as a group into the purchase order screen, uploaded from a file or copied by series into the unit screen. As equipment is added the system verifies the ‘check digit’, if any discrepancy, the user is prompted to confirm. Safeguards will not allow unit numbers to be duplicated. Should equipment be renumbered, EQSPRO can keep a linked record of both numbers. Units can be bought and entered individually as and when needed, in large groups, for specific customers (pre-sold), in gate-buys or on consignment deals. Units can be ‘on order’ on occasions when unit numbers are known but before they are accessible in stack for collection. Units can then be updated to ‘available status’ individually or using a file for a large group. A PO Commitment report may be run to see incoming units & financial commitments.

Once in EQSPRO a unit’s current status and location, purchase & rental history, any current rental booking or sale information, miscellaneous costs and revenues may all be displayed from the unit screen. Users can search the database through unit screen and ‘drill-down’ with search criteria to display specific containers. As a unit moves through the various system transactions (repairs, re-positioning etc) the unit screen is updated for the users quick reference.

EQSPRO Inventory Repairs

When a container arrives at a depot it is usually surveyed and if damaged will be repaired. The EQSPRO repairs transaction allows the user to record the various stages of the container repair – estimate, approval, authorisation, repair and lessee invoice. The costs of the repair are recorded as accruals against the container records and may be validated when the supplier’s invoice is received. Repair estimates can be as detailed as required, files & pictures can be attached.

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EQSPRO Rental Features and Transactions

Units may be on hired directly onto a rental booking or using a rental contract if preferred. An on hire invoice can be generated from the booking/off hire screen or left until the end of month rental billing run. Rental Customers can be divided into billing groups (advance/arrears billing, per diem/month, or onsite/offsite etc). The rental collection allows for ‘advanced’ off hire notification to the depot where units are to be returned by customer. Minimum rental period, minimum cost, free days and additional charges at both on & off hire are standard features. Damaged off hires can then be run through the repair feature which tracks the repair though estimate, approval, authorization & under repair stages, then invoice the liable customer the approved amount and create an accrual from the depot (or 3rd party) for the full cost of the repair.

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EQSPRO Sales Features and Transactions

There are two standard invoicing options allowing units to be sold by number or ‘first out of stack’ from congested depots. Unit numbers are assigned to the sales invoice and release until physical collection when sold ‘first out of stack’. Proforma invoices; where units are only finalized once the last unit has been received by customer, Sales orders and Sales quotes can also be issued from EQSPRO. Sold units can be substituted or credited if necessary. Misc invoices and credits can be used to add/remove transport and other services as required.

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