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Speed-IT’s mission

Our teams mission is to design, develop, enhance and support our SaaS product EQSPRO to the best of our ability every day, thus enabling EQSPRO users to operate their container leasing and trading businesses efficiently and effectively.


Speed-IT Ltd was established in Ireland in 1988. We have specialised in writing intermodal container software for almost 30 years. With the Speed-IT team you will be in capable hands, speaking to support technicians with a combined 65 years of relevant industry experience; who understand the intricacies of your business and have extensive knowledge of the product they support. A fully internet enabled solution since 2000, our software is now marketed as ‘EQSPRO’ and is available as a cloud based program.

Speed-IT Ltd is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, EQSPRO is built on a Microsoft™ .net framework along with Microsoft™ Visual™‚ HTML, ASP and SQL. All data is hosted in state of the art data centres.

EQSPRO has a long history of successful implementation for customers with both large and small intermodal leasing fleets (comprised of dry containers, refrigerated containers, tanks, IBC’s, gensets and chassis), domestic rentals (both on and off-site) and sale fleets (mostly containers and reefers). It has integrated transactions which handle the full container rental and container sales processes, including the ability to send customers documentation in several languages. Our dedicated market focus has enabled us to develop EQSPRO with the specific ‘container centric’ features necessary for container leasing and trading and not generally found in standard equipment rental or sales systems. Several of our earliest customers are still with us proving our commitment to the building of lasting customer relationships. It is a testament to the lasting value of our software. We currently have EQSPRO users across Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Speed-IT Ltd is a private Irish company, owned by the founder and management team. We come to work everyday with one goal – to support our customers to the best of our ability. Our customer oriented focus has allowed the business to grow with our customers. We have no distractions, investors or otherwise, competing for our attention. By choosing to work with Speed-IT you are selecting an established company with a strong market presence, solid management team and a focus on customers needs.

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