Val Acar – Operations Manager & Nicola Howells, Accounts Assistant. International/Domestic Trading and Leasing

By 28th October 2016 November 1st, 2016 Testimonial

EQSPRO Users 1⅟2 years

We have been using EQSPRO for about 18 months having previously operated another container software programme. We needed something with better support and more capability. After seeing EQSPRO and talking to Speed-IT we decided to make the move. The only reservation was that the software provided more features than we were used too; on the other hand, we looked forward to the customer invoicing and excel generated reporting. *

Our main requirements were good support, stock reporting, local and base currencies for transactions, a range of possibilities when setting up rental invoicing, interface to Sage Accounts for customer and supplier invoices and the ability to work from home or a remote office. EQSPRO was able to satisfy us on all these points.

We would definitely recommend EQSPRO, great software with a good online support desk and really friendly and helpful support staff.

*SPEED-IT: Paper and screen reports are also available