Stephan Howard – President, International Trading and Leasing, Domestic Equipment Sales

By 28th October 2016 January 20th, 2017 Testimonial

EQSPRO User – 1 Year

I chose EQSPRO to replace a previous Excel and Filemaker based solution. Our volumes had increased and inventory control became really tough. My biggest fear was going from something custom made for me to something that would tell me how things should be done and change my habits!

I had to change some habits, but with EQSPRO we can do both sales and rental management. It’s a real “all round” system that is affordable for a smaller company and like the web based systems I don’t have to worry about making backups as it’s all done for me.

I like that we were able to tie EQSPRO in with our Quickbooks Online accounting software (QBO). We have a real equipment program and a real accounting program. Not an equipment program that tries to do accounting or an accounting program that pretends to know fleet management.

Lastly, one of the best things going for EQSPRO is the team behind it. Frances, Bert and Tom offer incredible support and service.